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American Alpine

Kosmos's is a powerful buck out of Daisy and Fen. He has both correct leg set and a huge heart girth. Which allows his kids to do well in the high mountains and on the trails. Daisy, his dam is a heavy producer repeatedly milking through with over 2 gallons a day. By using Kosmos we hope to pass on the size of his dam and sire. Kosmos has nice rear leg action with a wide leg set. Great front end assemble ( big shoulders). Great pack goat sire. Sweet, sweet guy. 



French Alpine

Hercules is a 2 year old French Alpine, with just  amazing bloodlines. His sire is Willow Run Armand Abraham ++*B and his Dam is Missdees Belflora 3*M. Hercules has even more impressive relatives the further back you go in his paperwork. Just on his own Hercules is one of the most correct bucks I've seen. Beautiful forward facing facing feet (one of my pet peeves). Uphill and handsome. He is mighty in stature (as his name implies) well over 300lbs. 

And of course just a gentle guy. Hercules will be used for the 2023 breeding season on a limited number of does. Reserve your kids now.

Hercules fall23.jfif



French Alpine

DOB 3/2020 Merlin had great confirmation (look at that topline) and good solid milk lines, coming from the Missdee's herd. His dam MISSDEE'S JC  DOUBLE A has a 4*M. Sire MISSDEE'S RM PERGRINE has *B . Merlin has Two AA variants for Alpha -S1 Casein. having this genetic variant is great for cheese (and soap?) making it. It returns a higher yield in cheese solids. So cheese makers here is your baby's daddy!!  



American Alpine

Reference buck
Kelly is a French Alpine from the Iron-Rod herd in Virginia, Kelly brings incredible size and stature. He measures out, as a three year old at 43 inches and weighs over 300 lbs. He has a lovely uphill topline with depth of chest and an elegant head and neck, while bringing improvement to the fore udder. His offspring have beautiful heads with long elegant necks.   Kelly is a super sweet and easy to handle guy.


Rex 24.jpg

American Alpine

Rex is a yearling buck. Very tall and correct. Lovely topline with a beautiful head and neck. Sire is Garden-Dairy Prince Phillip and his dam is Garden- Dairy Klaire. Rex was bred to Licorice, and had two very handsome buck kids. Which are for sale. I would expect this buck to  improve forudders. Nice personality of course!

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