MIssdee's Leda is a pretty girl.She is a  French Alpine with a deep body, great mom. Good on the milk stand. Leda is for sale as I am downsizing. Friendly, but shy will work for treats. $800

Daisy D21.jpg

Garden-Dairy Daisy NECTAR. NECTAR is a Iron-Rod Kelly kid. Just a sweet mellow doe. Flat topline and will be a heavy milker. Her dam Daisy always milks through.  Not the best picture. Will work on getting a better one. Nice easy doe for a newbie or a herd looking for those great bloodlines. Nectar is ready to breed this fall. $700


Merlin DOB 3/2020  Merlin had great confirmation and good solid milk lines coming from the Missdee's herd. His dam MISSDEE'S JC  DOUBLE A has a 4*M. Sire MISSDEE'S RM PERGRINE has *B Merlin has Two AA variants for Alpha -S1 Casein. having this genetic variant is great for cheese (and soap?) making it. It returns a higher yield in cheese solids. So cheese makers here is your baby's daddy!! Merlin will be for sale in the fall of 2022, as I have used him extensively. $800.


Doe kid out of Garden-Dairy Klaire's Madeline and Garden-Dairy Briarrose's Neville. I've been calling her Penny, short for Penelope. Flat rump, nice topline, very pretty head.  Dam and Granddam have well balanced udders. She will be a solid doe. Great all round doe for homesteading and or show. $600

Nike 7-22.jpg

 Nike named after the Greek goddes of victory. Is a tall, gangly yearling. Both dam and sire are tall. Cou blanc doe, she is a French Alpine.  Dam is Missdee's Leda sire Iron-Rod Kelly. Both are from long standing influential herds from the East and West coasts. French Alpine.  Ready to breed this fall. $550

Nymph 22.jpg

Nymph is a Cricket daughter Merlin her sire has a double Alpha -s1Casein gene. This is a great bonus when making cheese as it should increase cheese production. Cricket her dam is a gorgeous dairy style doe that has produced many pack goats and stylish show does. A really nice all round kid. I am down sizing and have many kids from Merlin. So offering her to a new herd. Nymph is ready to breed this fall. $700.


Available Animals

I am taking orders for 2023 kids. Pack kids with horns must be ordered early, so they are not dehorned. 

Kids are due the first week of March and will continue into April. Buck kid prices for 2022 will start at $600. Doe kids will also  start at $600.  Wether prices will be determined.  Let us know if you plan on packing with your bucks/ wether(s). We will assess the boys for size, agility and personality.

Pre –ordered kids are appreciated.  

A deposit of $100 will hold the kid of your choice until birth. 

 The balance is due before pick up.  Your deposit will be refunded if the chosen kid or a similar agreed upon substitute is not born.  Otherwise the deposit is not refundable. All kids are dehorned so they are able to be shown. If you'd like a horned kid it needs to be ordered pre-birth (so I don't dehorn it). Kids need to be picked up at 10 days old, unless arranged with us ahead of time.

Please call or e-mail for advice on kid choices.  Not all does (or kids) are pictured on the web site.  I'd like to develop the best match for your needs.

Eucalyptus B21_edited.jpg