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Garden Dairy Crocus's MINT is a 2020 doe ready for a new herd. Mint milks well by hand or machine. She is a huge doe. I'll have to try and get her measurements again. (36 ish). Her sire was Kelly. He was extremely tall. Mint is very athletic and moves beautifully. Perfect homestead doe. Great for milk and pack kids. Mint will be sold in milk ,some time in April or mid May. $800 on HOLD

Nova s23.jfif

Nova is a three year old doe. She will kid, April 2nd. This will be her second freshening. She hand milked well last year and produced two large buck kids. Nova has a lovely chiseled Alpine head with a beautiful neck, Nova moves well and is athletic. She had a lovely udder last year so I am expecting the same this year. Sire is Iron-Rod Kelly and Dam is Garden Dairy Flame. I have two full sisters from this line and a few nieces. This is the only reason I am selling Nova, just have to much of a good bloodline. Nova will be sold in milk, after she kids.  $800 SOLD

Nefertitit 2- 24.jpg

This pretty little doe is Nefertiti. Her dam is Briar Rose and sire is Missdees Merlin. Nefertiti carries the gene that Alpha -s1 Casein A. This gene will increase your cheese yield.
Nefertiti is a 2021 doe. She had a beautiful buck with outstanding conformation last year.  Nefertiti will be offered in milk after she kids. $800 HOLD



Get ready for the 
2024 kid season. Order early!

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Garden-Dairy Alpine


 Reserve your pack kid today. 

Available Animals

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I am taking orders for 2024 kids. Pack kids with horns, must be ordered early, so they are not dehorned. 

Kids are due the last week of March and will continue into the end of May. Buck kid prices for 2023 will start at $600. Doe kids will also start at $600.  Wether prices will be determined.  Let us know if you plan on packing with your bucks/ wether(s). We will assess the boys for size, agility and personality.

Pre –ordered kids are appreciated.  


A deposit of $100 will hold the kid of your choice until birth. 

 The balance is due before pick up.  Your deposit will be refunded if the chosen kid or a similar agreed upon substitute is not born.  Otherwise the deposit is not refundable. All kids are dehorned so they are able to be shown. If you'd like a horned kid it needs to be ordered pre-birth (so I don't dehorn it). Kids need to be picked up at 10 days old, unless arranged with us ahead of time.

Please call or email for advice on kid choices.  Not all does (or kids) are pictured on the web site.  I'd like to develop the best match for your needs. 

A few young does available to pet homes only, not for breeding purposes. Call to inquire. 

If you champion (with ADGA)  or earn a milk star with one of my goats. I will give you a $200 credit towards your next goat purchase.  Show those goats!


















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